G R E A T W A V E S dropped new mix tape ‘Silva’ on Monday as a free download, and you can now stream the whole thing over at their Soundcloud. If you weren’t already heading over to Union Chapel for Bella Union’s Christmas party tonight with Money, then think again. Made up of obscure recordings and rarities, ‘Silva’ contains tracks from the duo that have become the stuff of legend up in Manchester including ‘Sevenseasailor’, and the incredible extended ‘Into The Blue’ intro entitled ‘I Walk’. Along with some you’ll already be familiar with, all the tracks continue with the indescribable atmosphere that G R E A T W A V E S are now known to provide, and you’ll see that in abundance at the show tonight if you’re joining us in heading down.

Relate and elevate. Probably the most promising new band in the country right now, head here to download.